Proactive Defense Through Strategic Vulnerabilities

Go beyond your security maturity model through simulating common breach scenarios. Our goal is to make security exercises more realistic and engaging for your team to identify high impact security observability gaps. Demonstrate your capabilities and readiness today.


Common breach scenarios to simulate and test your readiness


Companies have an mean time to resolution of under an hour for cloud misconfigurations


Of organizations experienced a serious cloud security incident during the last year

Screenshot of an AWS S3 misconfiguration from the AWS consul

From publicly accessible storage to exposed secrets

Did you know that you can expose over 20 different AWS services publicly? Even AWS security services have sparse coverage to alert upon. Something as simple as preventing public buckets requires significant defense in depth, constant vigilance, and a dedicated security team. Are you prepared?

Screenshot showing a poll request using Jenkins

Administrative panels everywhere

How sure are you that your operations team has not spun up another administrative web interface this morning? How sure are you of your ingress controls? With thousands of operational administrative assets that can be exposed, how tightly are you monitoring them?

Screenshot showing vulnerabilities that will not show up on a scan

Vulnerability scanners won't save you

Vulnerabilities can arise through a variety of oversights, including exposed routes, overlooked resources, and improperly configured services. While vulnerability scanners uncover just the tip of the iceberg, what about the hidden dangers that remain undetected?

Example code of an AWS S3 misconfiguration

Easy to introduce but difficult to identify

A single line in a single config file can make the difference between a breach and business as usual. How sure are you that your team is not introducing misconfigurations?

Screenshot from AWS Console showing a configuration that allows for backdoor entry

Forgotten vendors and lazy fixes

Backdoors can be introduced through a variety of methods, from neglected vendor trust relationships and obsolete accounts to hastily implemented, overly permissive solutions and beyond. How confident are you that you have identified all of them?

Simulate incidents that matter

Exercises Based on Reality

You can conduct your own security exercises using our open-source backend or let us handle the work for you. Whether designing custom exercises, performing realistic security drills, or enhancing security observability capabilities, we’ve got you covered.

Simulate events that matter

Choose your exercise

Choose from a few of our many simulations to create your ideal security exercise. From public buckets, exposed jenkins boxes, subdomain takeovers, OIDC misconfigurations, backdoored roles, and so much more.

Library of impactful events to select

Create your own custom exercise

Create, destroy, and customize with ease

Terraform configuration code screenshot
Screenshot of GitHub misconfiguration
Impact front and center

Demonstrate impact

We provide you with the playbooks/modules that have proven impact within the industry. With a few clicks and clacks, you can have a fully customized and impactful exercise ready to go.

Immediately outputs impacted resource

Documentation demonstrating exploitability

Customize impact to limit risks

Assess alerts no matter how you do it

All hands on deck

All alert systems are different from Slack, PagerDuty, Email, SIEM, CSPM, and more; See how you stack up against the industry when the chips fall. How will your team respond?

Determine your mean time to resolution

Identify gaps in your alerting

See how your team responds

Screenshot of Amazon GuardDuty recommendations

Ready to demonstrate your capabilities?

Contact us to find out how we can help through either dedicated security exercises, performing your own through our platform, or support on how to carry out the open source engagement.

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